IMG 8288If you are coming to ResaleRev for the first time - welcome :) 

If you like going to Estate Sales, Consignment Stores, Vintage Shops and Thrift Stores you've come to the right place.

If you are drawn to what artisans can do with reclaimed materials... you've come to the right place. And if you like the buying and selling of ’second-hand' treasures... you've come to the right place.

In short, we are a resale website... and ONLY a resale website. 24/7/365. We love this stuff. We love the hunt.. and we love the find. It's a "treasure hunt with a tour guide!"

What's great about is that we believe 'resale' is really about connecting;  neighbor to neighbor buying and selling locally or across the country. We support folks doing their own yard or tag sales as well as the 'mom and pop' stores and businesses that make their living with resale.  


For Individuals: Post your yard or tag sale like the professionals do;  insert pictures or videos, list the items you want you sell, if you choose buyers can communicate with you prior to the sale date. Your address appears 24 hours prior to start time - complete with mapping!  This is a winning formula for sure.

For Businesses: Post your business in our national Directory. You’re unique profile page will have all the details needed to bring new shoppers to you. You can edit your profile at any time to keep it updated. You can also post all your sales or special events adding pictures, videos and mapping. Want to be featured on our site... tell your story or blog about your area of expertise? Just let us know!  We’re here for you!

Come be part of the adventure... for a limited time it’s on us… absolutely no charge!  Post you own yard or tag sale. Share your business. Tell your story.

That's what lives for!!

Join the revolution… the Resale Revolution!

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