recyclesymbolYou know, one of the most overlooked benefits of Resale is that we are 100% green!! That's right, 100%!  Tell me another industry that can claim that.  We do not manufacture anything that pollutes the air or water or earth. In fact, we re-use everything that comes into our possession. Whether it's the clothes you are selling at your Estate Sale or the furniture donated to a Charity Shop, it is all recycled.

All of us, as Resale professionals, facilitate the sale and re-cycling of goods back into the community. We do this by promoting our estate/tag/yard/rummage sales, our bricks & mortar businesses, our on-line venues and outdoor flea markets/swap meets and/or antique fairs, etc. Can you imagine if everyone realized just this one unbelievable benefit? We all know that many people still look at 'used' items as not desirable. Let's enlighten them and if we team up together, we give voice that we are doing our part to have a 'greener' earth and a sustainable planet. And having so much fun doing it!  Going to your local Estate Sale or shopping in your community Consignment Store is all about recycling, reusing, repurposing and while doing so, helping the planet, we attract others that can share in this amazing benefit. is here to do just that. Through our continued promotion, marketing and blogging about how RESALE IS GREEN, we will get the word out :)  

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