money signResale covers a broad spectrum of items. Actually, it covers everything that has been previously bought and/or used. For some it is the most basic of items.. the small thrift store or consignment store that takes in whatever comes their way. Then there are the high end Consignment Stores and Estate Sale Companies that deal with only curated, high quality items.

Now, add the luxury crowd that wants previously owned private jets or yachts. Each and every one of these share something in common.. they are RESALE. They cater to the crowd that believes they can get a better deal by buying 'second hand' as opposed to new. 

We, as Resale Professionals, bring together the buyers and sellers. Sometimes we act as a 'broker'. We don't own the items but facilitate the sale. Other times we are buyers of previously used items and then we re-sell to others looking to make a profit. Either way we are the critical link to keep the 'Resale' items moving along back into our communities. Literally, billions of dollars of resold items make their way through the marketplace and onto the next owner. is here is help you do just that. By creating and offering a 'professional online community', we look at this website a clearing house for 'all things resale'.


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