If you are an Estate Sale Company, you know the drill. You get a call from the client, the house has sold. The closing is in a few weeks and they need everything out of the house. Now that we have a definite 'move out by' date we can begin our planning. 

When planning we take into consideration:  

Location - too far off the regular traveled roads does not a good Estate Sale make.
The items - Are their very heavry and difficult to move items like a exercise equipment or a Grand Piano? Are their plenty of small pick-up items?


 The theme (and all estate sales have themes) could be modern, or antique, or vintage or collections.

The weather - admittedly a well advertised sale with good things will bring a crowd, but that's good for the first 2, maybe 3 hours. The rest is signage and the weather does effect the 'let's stop and check it out' crowd that just happens to be passing by. The owner - are they reaonable and willing to take advice, or do they believe they know better then you do on prices.  The crowd - is it a generally buying crowd that knows most of what they are looking at and negotiate in a professional and fun manner?

Well, on Saturday The ClearingHouse eXchange Consignment and Estate Sale company had one of the really good days. Great house, great location, great weather, great owner, great crowd. First off, the owner was happy to let us price and run the sale as needed. She was available for all questions and was very commnicative. As this was the settlement of an estate for her Aunt who had passed, there were families members who asked for some setimental items.  So there was many emails and phone calls regarding those items. Note: an Estate Sale does not have to be, and often is not, the settlement of an Estate. Most Estate Sales are just nice houses that rise above a typical Tag Sale.

Next, the theme ran vintage to antique with some nice old beds and furniture. Lots of 'pick-up' items were there ('pick-up' meaning small, inexpensive items like kitchware, decorative, etc).  The location was right on Main Street in a small, upscale town (Amagansett, in the Hamptons) so it is well traveled at a slow speed which makes the signage very effective. The weather was sunny and 50's.

The best part is that with the things that didn't sell, the owner agreed to donate. So, the ClearingHouse distributed the items to the various charities we deal with. 

All-in-all, a very good sale.

We encourage all Estate Sale companies (and consignment stores) to work with their local charities to re-distribute these extra items back into the local area. It's a great way to give back and help those in need.


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